Founded in Las Vegas in 1992, The Ad Station turned the radio industry on its ear by producing groundbreaking jingle packages for AC and talk radio in Rochester, NY. For the first time, production techniques were paired with the playlist of a station, creating a seamless transition between its branding and core artists. From that day forward, radio jingles were no longer something that stopped the music cold. Instead, they stood toe-to-toe with the hits of the day, keeping the on-air flow intact and listeners glued to their speakers. Today, The Ad Station proudly employs a first-class team of seasoned producers and composers across our unique and innovative product divisions of radio jingles and tv production. The Ad Station is the company stations trust to help them and their advertisers stand out, break through the clutter and dominate the competition. Since its inception, The Ad Station has produced more than 10,000 Musical Images. Reliability, expertise, and prompt customer support are part of the very foundation for achievement that The Ad Station has stood upon.

The company has shown time after time that delivery is crucial to success.